Fra and Mum


My name is Francesco and I am an immigrant from Rome with a big love for cooking.

Since I was a little boy, I was surrounded by family with a passion for cooking. I have always loved to cook, especially with my Nonna Maria, who spent most of her life in the kitchen preparing meals with joy. Music and singing always accompanied the production, as did love and simple ingredients. It was magical, and I would like to share this magic with you by extending authentic Italian recipes and dishes via cooking demonstrations by me in your very own home - ingredients and opera music included.

Learn how to make homemade pasta, creamy and delicious risotto dishes, quick and easy bread, unique pizzas, sauces, soups and more. My cultural background and knowledge of Italian products and dishes allows me to not only teach fans of authentic Italian cuisine, but also recommend products and where to find them.

If interested in discovering the magic of nonna's kitchen, please provide some brief information, and what you are interested in learning and I will call you back. Like Nonna - I love talking to people, especially about Italian food.

Francesco Urbani


778 881 7706

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Piazza Campo de' Fiori, Roma, Italy